Rail infrastructure construction

Welado offers solid and open-minded expertise in all railway technologies. We are an independent developer of procurement models and approaches.

We offer a new kind of thinking and methods for service and maintenance as well as improved lifecycle management through our project management operations and services. All our efforts aim at achieving the best possible result for clients, and we engage wholeheartedly in every project.

The client’s bests interests always lie foremost in our minds, and we put together the optimum team for every assignment. We continue to strengthen our personnel with the best and most motivated people in the field. We also have access to comprehensive subcontracting networks.

Our diverse services also cover large projects, thanks to the solid expertise we have accumulated in street/road construction and safety issues.

Achieving more together

Welado’s strength lies in its top professionals and collaborative approach to promoting people’s skills. We are an independent expert in project and construction management in the fields of railway, street/road and industrial construction.

Welado is an open-minded partner that connects project participants and always aims to improve its operations. We keep track of developments in the field and changes in legislation, as well as the resulting impact on procurement methods. We are also open to new approaches to construction management.

We take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and virtual reality and continue to develop new technologies and work methods.



Finnish Transport Agency

Luumäki–Imatra rail project

The Luumäki–Imatra rail freight project comprises two components.

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Finnish transport agency

Kokkola–Ylivieska double track

The double-track project between Kokkola and Ylivieska includes 80 km of new track and 80 km of modernisation of old track, 80 bridges and a total of 100 km of highways, streets, private roads and service roads.

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