Risk Management

Risk management is a vital process for any project. It helps to ensure that the project meets its objectives, stays on track and within the allocated resources, exploits potential opportunities and avoids major pitfalls.


A holistic approach to manage both internal and external risk - for your business benefit

By adopting a holistic approach to risk management, you can enhance your decision-making, optimize your resources, improve your resilience and create value for your business. By identifying and assessing the risks that may affect the project, risk management enables the project team to plan and implement appropriate responses.

Welado risk management experts help you to identify and manage both internal and external risks of operations and projects. We help you reduce unwanted surprises and thus improve efficiency and quality. Our experts assess risks and help identfy opportunities from the perspectives of achieving on your goals (schedule, costs, quality), safety, the environment and processes.

Welado ARTISANs carry out diverse expert assignments

  • different types of risk assessments and vulnerability analyses
  • risk management planning and execution
  • project risk management services at different project stages, including risk management in accordance with the YTM Regulation
  • identifying and describing risk management scenarios
  • ERM risk management and risk management systems


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