Environment and circular economy


Sustainability and environmental values - calls no longer for strategic interests, but mandatory actions

It is often difficult to identify what it means in everyday practise to promote environmental, circular economy and recycled material themes - this is true also in build environment projects.  Our environmental ARTISANs offer comprehensive portfolio of expert services to tackle the environmental challenges for construction projects, industry and leadership challenges.

Ensuring the laws and regulations related to the environment are complied with in the design and implementation of your projects

We support our customer's strategic environmental goals and help to derive practical measures and guidelines to implement them in projects. In construction projects, our environmental experts take the responsibility for taking into account the protection of both the natural environment (e.g. groundwater areas) and the built environment itself (e.g. cultural-historical sites). The environmental expert also familiarises all stakeholders with the environmental requirements related to the project and is often also responsible for matters related to the project's permits and notifications.

Environmental services for industry - integrateing your strategic sustainability goals into every level of operations

Environmental services for industry often focus on resource efficiency (circular economy and recycled materials) and environmental risk management in terms of both investment projects and operational development.

We are able to implement comprehensive design for enviromental services integration to projects, starting from the preparation of environmental management systems, environmental and responsibility communications, and environmental certifications of projects. In this way, we can help implement your strategic sustainability goals into every level of everyday operations.

Meeting new CO2 emissions in accordance of new land use and building act

New comprehensive reform of the Land Use and Building Act is to be published in 2023. It will set mandatory CO2 limit values for emissions. The requirements will be linked to the building permit process. Initially, the requirements will apply to public construction, but will expand to cover all sectors of build enviroment. We will help you prepare for the coming legislative reform and calculate the CO2 emissions of your projects.

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