Welado safety experts help you take care of all the safety aspects of your operations, from the creation of a safety culture including human factors, to safety coordination and safety management systems.


A safety culture develops only through actions

 Safety is not just a policy or a slogan; it is a daily practice that requires our commitment and cooperation. We are all responsible for ensuring that our work environment is safe and healthy.

Security is a vital aspect of many organizations' operations. It has become more important as safety-related laws have become stricter in the last ten years. Security should be embedded in all our daily and business activities. Effective security is goal-driven, quantifiable and has clear targets.

At Welado ARTISANs, we take pride in providing our customers with tailored solutions for their safety needs

We work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, and help you implement effective safety practices in your daily operations.

Our safety specialists help you identify and fulfil occupational safety obligations and integrate safety in to planning, supervision, communication and management.

Security services can be offered as a part of risk management or as separate projects with a security focus, covering, among other things:

We provide safety solutions for your business and projects. Our services include:

  • Designing and implementing a safety culture, operating models and tools
  • Developing and maintaining safety management systems
  • Communicating safety effectively
  • Measuring and monitoring safety performance
  • Coordinating safety responsibilities
  • Applying human and organizational factors in safety
  • Enhancing safety skills and knowledge through training
  • Assessing and improving security measures
  • Planning for emergencies and contingencies

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