Real Estate Development

Seamless cooperation between the buyer and supplier ensures the best end result – a project that stays within schedule and budget, and a building that is the best for its users.


How to implement user-oriented development?

Whenever building, renovating or rebuilding a property, the project requires the coordination of a wide array of needs and perspectives to ensure the best end result. In our opinion, a successful construction project needs to be user-oriented and focused on the core activity. On the other hand, the project should also adhere to the real estate strategy. As a property owner, you can count on Welado's artisans to fully address your needs, your users' needs, and our climate's needs in our joint endeavors.

Do you need additional resources or special expertise to ensure a high quality of execution in your project?

The function of a real estate is to enable its users to perform their activities in the best possible way. Premises such as office or industrial facilities are tools in producing added value for the organization. As it is known today, facilities also have the power to guide people's behavior and to promote brands and public images.  Therefore, what kind of real estates are developed – and how – is by no means secondary.

How to address and optimize all this during renovations, conversions, or new building projects? The end-user's needs and the owner's real estate strategy must always be at the core of property building or renovation projects.

Do you recognize these situations? 

  • You have the skills and expertise but you don't have the resources for management, procurement, and supervision of the project? 
  • Perhaps your projects are going over schedule and budget, even lacking in quality? You might need a hand to pinpoint where the problems lie.
  • Your projects seem to be riddled with problems; could your operation use some streamlining
  • The project is highly technical and your own organization does not have the special expertise needed?
  • The end-users are not happy with the customer service they received during the construction phase, or the project schedule did not properly account for optimizing the organization's core activities?

Welado's projects start with understanding the customer's value creation and core activities. 


  • If your line of business is to rent out commercial premises, the tenants and their needs should be addressed even in the building phase. In these cases, interaction and communication become key factors for successful projects. We like to use participatory methods to guide the users through the transitional phase of the building project.
  • If the project involves building or conversion of production facilities, it is important to understand how to minimize any disturbance of the production process. The idea is to optimize the flow of core activities in relation to the building process.

Therefore, optimizing a building project no longer means finding the cheapest designer or contractor but a process of ensuring the overall best interest of the customer. In this process, a skilled developer consultant ensures success with their expertise and helps the project reach its goals with ease.

Today's property development should address tomorrow's challenges. Flexibility ensures the timelessness and sustainability values of the buildings. On the other hand, our projects utilize the possibilities of circular economy to recycle and re-use materials, or to use recycled materials. 

The carbon neutrality objectives will enter into force in 2035. Even today, it is not only possible to diminish environmental impact but also to implement this cost-effectively with the help of emission and carbon footprint calculation.  Welado's developer artisans will help you achieve carbon neutrality goals effectively. We bring our best expertise to each project.

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