Open positions

Do you wish to become an artisan of the built environment? Good! Here you can find our open positions. If there is nothing suitable, send us your open application.


Welado's five tips for jobhunting

  1. Tell us what you would like to work with, or read the job ad carefully and target your presentation accordingly. Think and tell us what meaningful work means for you.
  2. Devise a concise CV and job application. You may also use your imagination instead of traditional Word documents.
  3. Tell us about your experience of relevance to us.
  4. Tell us why you would like to work specifically for us.
  5. Be yourself; with us, you are allowed to show personality.

Welado as a platform for your dreams

Do you have in mind a new service, business, or idea that would suit Welado and you would like to work with? Perhaps you are already providing another type of professional services in built environment for your customers, and Welado seems interesting as a platform? Or you have seen a gap in market supply and would design something entirely new to fill it?
The cornerstone of our strategy is the idea that Welado is the most wanted platform for meaningful expertise in built environment. Could we be the platform of your expert dreams as well, and provide the framework to realize your idea? We are open to any interesting suggestions, even ones not involving conventional employment relationships. Boldly contact our development director Noora, and we will sit down together to consider the possibilities!