Legal services and contracts


Fine-tune project success by getting legal aspects right

Taking care of the legal aspects are important part of project management and construction services. Welado legal services give you the support you need.  

Procurement law as part of project tendering ensures you get the wanted outcome of a project:

  • Ensures an efficient completion of the tendering of a project or part of it
  • Well prepared tendering and it's related documents reduce possible procurement complaints, need for corrections - you get tending first time right

Contractual technical assistance for clear definition of roles and responsibilites of contractual parties


  • Poorly prepared contract documents can be costly and deley your project. By defining the legal entities in advance with care will help you to avoid conflicts 
  • In unclear or uncertain situations, a contract expert can be used to ensure things quickly and efficiently without delaying the project 

Flexible legal support during the project

  • Importance of the site meetings and on-site memos and pleadings have been grown in construction. Only with entries made at the right time with the right content can ensure that in the event of a conflict you are correctly prepared for it
  • In interpretation situations, legal support helps to formulate the contractual entities. At the same time legal support can act as a quick support for projects in abnormal situations that involves risks related to the project or conflicts between contractual parties
  • In the event of a conflict, it helps to ensure legal bases of possible complaints and responses are well defined and meeting juridical bases
  • It is important act in a timely manner and ensure that given responses in unclear situations have been prepared correctly
  • In the event of conflicts, well-drafted and legalistic responses also create a basis for launching a successful legal process if, despite constructive cooperation,

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