Data, analytics and knowledge based management

Are you overwhelmed by data? Do you struggle to see the patterns and trends that matter for your choices? We can help you with our analytics services. We use data mining, math, forecasting, and visualization to turn data into insights. Let us help you make smart and informed decisions.


Data, analytics and knowledge based management are pawing the way for more efficient investments

This means youcan use data-driven insights to make smarter decisions and optimize your returns. Knowledge based management also helps to reduce risks and uncertainties by leveraging the collective wisdom of experts and stakeholders. By using data, analytics and knowledge based management, you can achieve better outcomes and create more value for yourself and society.

Real-time dashboard views are awesome for operational management. You can see what's going on and fix things quickly when something goes wrong. Automatic alerts are also handy to react fast.

To achieve optimal enterprise resource planning (ERP), it is essential to have timely and real-time situational information

This allows for better decision making, coordination, and execution of business processes. Timely and real-time situational information also reduces errors and improves efficiency and productivity.

We offer professional knowledge management solutions for the built environment using our own and existing software. Our solutions include historical data analysis, real-time data visualization and predictive modeling. This provides timely and accurate information for better investment decisions.

Mathematical models are tools that help us understand complex phenomena and predict future outcomes

We use mathematical methods to make predictions and scenarios based on our customers data. This helps us understand how their system will behave in the future or how it will respond to environmental changes. We also collaborate with our partners to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into our solutions.

Read our reference: Future disposal solution for used nuclear fuel

Welado's cost model calculation methods for the nuclear power plant process development of final disposal operations can be used for other industrial sectors and investment projects as well.

Juha Tantarimäki

Juha Tantarimäki

Commercial Director