Ethical code of conduct

Ethical code of conduct provide guidance on how to do the right thing.


The ethical code of conduct provides guidelines for doing right things

Everyone sometimes finds themselves in situations where they have to consider whether an activity is ethically right for a project or otherwise at work, for example.

The ethical principles below provide us all with advice and guidance for just such situations:

  • We develop our organization transparently, openly and together with Welado employees. We encourage our people to bring up deviations and shortcomings honestly, because only in this way can we learn and develop. Making a mistake can benefit the whole organization. Mistakes can't be avoided – but you can learn from them.
  •  You can report a conflict anonymously in the notification box, or contact HR and management directly. The notification box follows a procedure to ensure the conflict is handled by the right person. 
  • We experiment, develop and share openly. We want to set an example and share our best practices for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
  • Our company values all stakeholders, including our competitors, and works collaboratively with various players in the industry.
  • Our operations are guided by the principles of integrity and fairness. We respect the competition rules and avoid any conflicts of interest in every bidding situation.
  • We adhere to the relevant laws and regulations that apply to our business.
  • Our values are based on equality and human rights. We uphold the highest standards of human and labour rights in our work. We treat every individual with dignity and respect. We also strive to be leaders in creating a future work culture that is meaningful and balanced.
  • We want to inspire others to grow and develop in a safe environment.
  • We value feedback as a way of learning and improving ourselves, our teams and our organization. We practice giving and receiving feedback regularly and constructively. We seek help from **Lasse Services**, a company that provides support for interactive feedback that aligns with our values.
  • Our projects are guided by the following principles: respecting the skills and contributions of others, ensuring technical excellence, environmental stewardship and accountability, communicating effectively, and managing safety and risks.
  • Welado is a family-run-like business that values its employees. We want our employees to feel comfortable recommending Welado to their friends and family members who are looking for a job. However, we do not give any preference to family members or friends in our hiring process. We always select the best candidates based on their skills, experience and fit with our culture. Therefore, being related to someone at Welado does not give you an advantage or a disadvantage in your career at Welado.
  • Our projects are successful because we value respectful cooperation, empathy and humanity.
  • We do not tolerate grievances, inappropriate jokes, or offensive remarks from anyone. We intervene when necessary and we also communicate with our customers respectfully and appropriately if we encounter any issues.
  • We do our work safely, healthily and with respect for the environment.
    We cherish and develop a common Welado culture. It is the job of every Welado employee to take care of the well-being of their colleagues and help others succeed. Everyone is obliged to act to resolve the situation if conflict of ill-being in any form is observed.
  • We are aware that fair, well-being supportive and transparent resourcing is our biggest challenge in terms of responsibility. We are aware of the challenge and are constantly striving to improve our performance in this area. We try to influence our industry to find longer-term solutions to contracts in this area (e.g. selling teams and results instead of selling the work of individual experts).
  • We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. When it comes to hospitality and gifts, we use discretion, taking into account the values and needs of different situations and actors. The coaches spar on the relationship between hospitality and gifts to make a situational assessment.
  • We communicate honestly and openly, both about our successes and our mistakes.
    We protect all tangible and intangible assets in our possession belonging to ourselves, our customers or our partners (including personal data, other information, materials, equipment). We keep both our own business secrets and those trusted to us.

Welado's subcontractors are also committed to complying with these ethical rules in their operations through joint assignments.