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Glint & Glare Analysis for Solar Farms

Solar energy is a promising and rapidly growing field. As we strive to harness the power of the sun, we must also consider the potential impacts of solar installations on our environment and communities. One such impact is the phenomenon of glint and glare, which can arise from the reflective surfaces of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. Read more!


Maximizing Financial Returns with PV Rooftop Solar

The Nordic region, with its pristine landscapes and innovative spirit, is witnessing a surge in the adoption of renewable energy technologies. Among these, Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar systems are not just a symbol of environmental stewardship but also a testament to financial acumen. This blog post delves deep into the ways PV rooftop solar can bolster the Net Present Value (NPV) and Return on Investment (ROI) for investors in these countries.


Finland and the Wind Farm Projects

Finland is a country that has set ambitious goals for its energy transition. The Nordic nation wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2035 and has built a lot of onshore wind in the past ten years. However, Finland also has a huge potential for offshore wind, which has been largely untapped until recently. In this article, I will explore the benefits and challenges of developing offshore wind farms in Finland, and why this renewable source could be a game-changer for the country's energy system.


Agri Solar

Imagine a world where we can produce more food and more energy on the same land, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing biodiversity. A world where farmers can diversify their income and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. A world where consumers can enjoy high-quality food and clean electricity at affordable prices. This is the world that agri solar can create. Read more!


How Finland is leading the way in renewable energy with hybrid systems

Finland is a country that has set ambitious climate goals, aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2035 and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 90-95% by 2050. To achieve these targets, Finland is relying on a mix of energy sources that includes nuclear, hydro, wind, solar and bioenergy. In this article, we will focus on the renewable energy sector in Finland, especially on the potential of hybrid systems that combine wind and solar power.


Prioritizing Safety in PV Solar System Design

In recent years, the embrace of renewable energy sources has propelled the popularity of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. While their benefits in sustainability and energy efficiency are undeniable, the safety aspects in their design and installation are often underestimated. Ignoring safety measures in the design phase can lead to catastrophic consequences, ranging from under performance to structural and electrical hazards. Here’s why prioritizing safety in PV solar system design is paramount.


Efficient recycling of railway track materials may bring savings of up to a million euros in railway projects

“In previous projects, we have already used materials such as replaced balises for spare parts as their cost effect is significant. After risk assessment and brainstorming by Welado, recycling efforts have expanded to include the reuse of cabinets and signal masts. It is great that our partner is actively thinking about the reuse of materials,” says Miikka Uotila from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Welado and MB Funds are a match!

MB Funds acquires a majority share of Welado, but in a manner that also grows the number of Welado people who have a share in the company