We promise an easy project every time

Our artisans do their work with professionalism and cooperation. We offer expert solutions in built environment, always tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.


Every customer project is unique

There is no such thing as two identical projects. At the start of our cooperation, together we identify your needs, goals, and other aspects of your project. This enables us to tailor a combination of services that matches your specific needs.

Which solutions do you need?

The core quality of our operations is based on cooperation, soft values, and human encounters. Combined to a needs-specific, solid content knowhow, you get a comprehensive solution. We strive to give our customers the best results, and dedicate our heart and soul to each project.

Which solutions will help our joint endeavor to succeed?

What does a modular service structure mean? You can think of our modular service selection as if buying a new car: You get a properly running car in day one - and you can perfect it to meet your special needs by taking in some extra services packages. 

When you decide to partner up with Welado, we will first identify the core services to meet your primary needs for the project. After this, we can identify additional services that could ease your everyday work and actualize your higher-level strategic needs. This way the resulting solution is tailored for your exact needs.

You can always count on getting highly motivated and skilled Welado’s artisans for your project and all of Welado's expertise at your disposal.

Project management

Project leadership in construction has grown to be one of our main service sectors. Project leadership at Welado emphasizes customer service, cooperation, human encounters, soft values, and communication with empathy.

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Construction management and supervision

Development and supervision implemented by Welado's artisans is bold, open-minded, empathetic, and emphasizes the importance of cooperation as key factor to successful projects.

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Design management

Design management and supervision of design both require skills. How to coordinate the various technical fields in planning and ensure a seamless handover to the execution phase?

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HVAC and electrical expertise

Our professional services in building service technology help your property to function properly throughout its life cycle. Our experts help you ensure that all of the property's technical systems have been both planned and executed correctly. During the life cycle, we will help you to develop and maintain the facility with a proactive focus on the users' needs.

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Real estate development

The goal of real estate development is to find a new, more lucrative future for your property: with our experts, you will map the full potential of your property in order to maintain and increase its value. Project development makes the first steps of your project concrete: we will take your property needs from an idea to the planning of practical implementation.

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Procurement is everyday business for us. Letting our experts do your procurements for you will save you from the complexities of procurement legislation and contractual details. With us, you will proceed quickly to the implementation phase of procurement and gain the best market prices.

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lifecycle services

Life cycle management services

After the warranty expires, the life cycle is just beginning for built environment. Welado's artisans offer their expertise to make transport routes and buildings safer, healthier, more cozy, more ecological, and more economical throughout their life cycle.

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We offer our customers expertise in measurement with three edges and over a hundred expert-years of experience: inspections and supervision, track surveying, and survey controls.

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Risk management

Risk management – the "insurance service" for projects – helps projects succeed. Mapping, controlling, and managing risks and opportunities throughout all project phases, you as a customer can sleep well: you will gain an easier project again.

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Safety is everyone's business and part of our everyday lives. Our special experts in safety will help you to care for every safety aspect of your business, from developing a safety culture and addressing human factors to safety coordination and safety management systems.

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Environment and circular economy

Environment, circular economy, recycled materials, sustainability. What do these words mean exactly when conducting building projects or business operations? We will help you map and improve your environmental and circular economy efforts.

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Every expert is a communicator. When a project requires professional communications, our experts are at your disposal. We use communicational methods to enable successful projects and businesses: for example, by facilitating the company's internal communications or by creating an interactive form of external communications to reach stakeholders.

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Asset management

Built environment makes for over 70% of our national assets. Our experts in asset management will assist you with investments, maintenance, and overall portfolio management and analytics to help preserve the value of your assets throughout the life cycle.

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Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Lots of data but difficulties in identifying cause-and-effect relationships that can inform evidence-based decisions? Our experts offer versatile solutions to this challenge via Business Intelligence and Analytics services: for example, data mining, mathematical analysis and predictive methods, data analytics, and data visualization.

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Data models

Our experts in data models will help you try and utilize the possibilities of digitalization in your projects, and to solve problems even before they appear!

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Management consulting

We will not send men in suits to tell you how to run your business; instead, you will get down-to-earth sparring and help for your activities from our hoodie gang. Together with our growing network of consultants, we offer management support from different angles – but the core is always about people, cooperation, and soft values.

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