Road infra­structure construction


Road and street development projects can comprise multiple subprojects, take years and cost millions, or they can involve a smaller assignment

Road and street projects are often clearly visible to the surrounding society: they may slow down job commutes, cause cracks in the city's esthetic landscape, and mix up traffic routes. Construction takes place in both city centers and rural areas. A common feature of these projects is that they are usually executed in the middle of daily traffic, which emphasizes the importance of smooth and safe traffic arrangements during the construction.

A wide scale of expertise is required of project management

Development projects involve a variety of technical fields such as municipal engineering, special structures, intersecting pathways, and telematics. The developer has to understand differences between projects. For example, a high quality of finishing is essential in city center projects (pavements, accessibility, flow of non-motorized traffic, etc.).

As these projects take place in living surroundings, Welado's experienced artisans emphasize the role of communications, stakeholder relations, and foresight to each working phase in ensuring the steady flow of road and street development projects.

Welado offers solid expertise in project management for all forms of procurement and alliance contracts.

We implement any All-in (KU), Plan-and-Implement (ST, STk), life cycle, negotiation procedure, and alliance contracts. We tailor our services and artisan teams to match your needs.

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