Our strategy

Bold. Open-minded. Empathetic. Best for our workers.


Our strategy is to be an international high-quality brand that develops future living environments

Our goal is to be the most attractive partner in construction development and to develop future living environments together with our customers and with the entire industry.

Our strategy emphasizes transformability and growth. The world is changing, the market is changing, and Welado is changing – hence also the main principles of our strategy work are responsiveness and "living" at the cutting edge. Despite that, permanent strategic elements still guide our journey of growth towards pioneering in built environment – and beyond. These permanent elements in our strategy, otherwise agile and living, are:

  • our values: bold, open-minded, empathetic, and best for our workers
  • and our guiding principle: Welado is the most attractive platform to engage in meaningful expertise

Welado is your expert partner in creating future built environments

The figure below summarizes our strategy. It illustrates how Welado and the ARTISAN mentality have carried us so far, and our strategy for how it will continue to carry us in the future.