Our strategy

Bravely open. Empathetic. Best to our people.


Our strategy as a ball

We aim to be the most wanted platform for meaningful expertise. And we know that our value base - bravely open, empathetic and best to our people - creates the foundation for both our current and future success.

Other than that, we think that our strategy needs to be agile and evolving continuously. The world is changing, the market is changing. To be the forerunner of the built environment, we need to develop even faster. Thus our strategy is a ball, which we are able to pass along to our teams and people - and ask them to determine their catch. What is important from their view, and what should we be doing to achieve our common goals for the future: customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing, growth, healty finances, and brand recognition.

Welado is your expert partner in creating future built environments

The picture below summarizes our strategy as a ball. It illustrates how the ARTISAN mentality and people centric approach have carried us so far, and  how they will continue to carry us in the future.