Infrastructure development

Development and maintenance of infrastructure – ensuring the flow of traffic and logistics – is the cornerstone of a well-functioning, competitive society. How can these projects, often megasized, be completed skillfully while maintaining a smooth and safe flow of traffic?


A successful infrastructure project is a sum of many factors – cooperation acts as a glue to join them together

There is much pressure to develop the national transport network. The projects are challenging: smooth coordination of multiple technical fields, minimization of traffic disruptions. At the same time, a safe working environment must be ensured for everyone in the project. 

Projects for different forms of transport infrastructure (track, city rail track, road, street, waterway, port, and aviation) all have their specific features and requirements related to technologies and industry environments, for example. All these must be accounted for in a timely and accurate manner during both design and execution.

Functional transport infrastructure is the key to Finland's competitiveness

Public and private transport network holders are constantly making significant investments to improve the reliability and capacity of traffic. A well-functioning traffic, which depends on high-quality infrastructure, serves to facilitate transport within and between cities. Logistics should flow smoothly and with the lowest cost possible to ensure the competitiveness of Finnish industrial operators on the global market.  

The Traffic 12 Plan launched by the Ministry of Transport and Communications will tackle the land, sea and air transport network for the next 12 years.  

Infrastructure projects can be technically demanding and complicated. They combine several technical fields and, in addition, must be executed with little disruption to traffic. Every form of infrastructure has its own special features that must be taken into account during every phase of the project. In addition, transport infrastructure projects are often long-term, emphasizing the importance of information flow and understanding the big picture in order to manage the project successfully.

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