Cultural design


Corporate culture is a key aspect to lead business and achieve strategic goals

Every company has a culture, whether you like it or not. A modern leader has realized corporate culture as a key aspect for managing business and achive the strategic goals. 

Corporate culture can be defined and described by a cultural manual

One of the tools for crystallizing culture is a cultural manual. We at Weldo believe that while it is important for a individual company to define its own culture, defining it for large projects is even more important. The importance of a common project culture becomes crucial if project members come from very different organizations. We believe that well defined project culture leads to success of a project.

Welado support you taking the right steps in implementing your culture goals

We will not advise you on what your company's culture should be like. But what we can do for you is to take your cultural goals into practise from idea generation to facilitating workshops and creating a cultural manual.

How does a cultural manual sound for your company or a large project you are leading? 

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Marleena Härkönen, Business Director