Welado is an independent expert and trendsetter in built environment

Build the best solutions for your projects together with our experts. Welado's artisans offer versatile professional services for your property, industrial, and transport infrastructure projects as well as other professional services in built environment.


Welado's strength lies in our top industry experts and our way of doing things together, utilizing people's expertise

We are an independent expert on project management and construction development in all branches of built environment: infrastructure (track, road and street), property, and industrial construction development. As a partner, Welado is an open-minded operator that brings together project parties and constantly develops both our own activities and those of our projects. We go beyond conventional methods of construction development; above all, we believe that cooperation and soft values will lead to better results for all parties involved.

In our operations, we utilize the opportunities of digital technologies and virtual reality. We develop new techniques and working methods and hire the best experts in our industries, enabling us to deliver an effortless project every time.


Property development

Our development consultants always consider the needs of the owner, end-user, and our climate in their new construction, renovation, and rebuilding projects. We implement user-oriented property development.

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Development and maintenance of transport infrastructure – ensuring the flow of traffic and logistics – is the cornerstone of a well-functioning, competitive society. How can these projects, often megasized, be completed skillfully while maintaining a smooth and safe traffic flow?

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Our industrial professional services provide support for the successful completion of industrial project management and development endeavors. We know how to combine knowledge on industrial management with construction project management.

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The inevitable need to end the use of fossil fuels has forced the energy industry to a global turning point. Novel strategies such as smart grid, power-to-x technologies, renewable energy, energy storage, and distributed generation of energy will soon require large investments and efforts in construction and development.

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