Special structures


Special structures require a particularly skilled implementation

Special structures (bridges, tunnels, piers, and other engineering structures) require special expertise in both planning and development. Building special structures requires a plan based on strength calculations, because any structural damages in them may cause a hazard to people and traffic.

A project portfolio requires coordination of subprojects

Procurement must account for property-specific needs in detail, planning must be carefully managed, and building must be supervised with utmost professionalism. Good coordination, both between different stages of one project and with any larger project portfolio, is essential.

We offer a flexible combination of expertise to match your needs

Projects involving special structures often employ experts in project management, construction development, and special structures. We will assemble a team for our customer with expertise on either road, waterway, or rail structures. Our special structure experts are equipped to inspect the reinforcing, concreting, and prestressing works and plans thereof, even at demanding sites. We perform, for example, assessments of investment needs for bridges at the requirements definition stage, and we can also evaluate special structures from the asset management perspective. Building special structures often requires other fields of special expertise as well, for example on the environment, risk management, and safety – and these can be flexibly added to the team as necessary.

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