For partners

Welado is a platform that fosters bold partnerships and collaboration. We believe that we can achieve more together than alone. That's why we invite you to join our network – Werkosto


Welado as an attractive platform for partners? What does it mean?

We believe that network cooperation is one of the key factors for our success in the future. The network is our way of seeking shared growth, new ideas, and attractiveness – with a win-win-win principle. That means profit for our customers, profit for our partners, profit for all of us together.

  • We are looking for best-in-their-field experts to enable us to be the best pioneers in built environment for our workers: We cannot do everything alone. There is no sense in reserving all of the top expertise in the world to ourselves; on the other hand, it would probably be impossible, too. That is why we need help from our partners and network.
  • We are looking for partners to join us in developing something entirely new, and to achieve more together than separately: We believe that innovations are born at interfaces. When we consider the same thing from a different angle, we will find the most perfect evaluations and ideas. We also believe in open-access publishing, and we will be happy to share our own development trials for further finetuning – our only wish is that the fine-tuned versions will also be uploaded online and shared as open-access data.
  • We are looking for workers to join our network that enable us to create new things for our customers, or a new market altogether: Customers will get novel and comprehensive services, as the lead expertise of different organizations will be combined into one solution. We are talking about built environment and project successfulness services, where we see much potential. What needs do projects have that can be fulfilled to enable a better success rate for projects?

Whether you are a sole entrepreneur, growing, or small and middle-sized company such as us, or a bigger organization – we could think where to find synergy benefits together? What would you gain from Welado's partnership 

We are currently developing our partnering offer to meet the needs of various partners.

Smaller workers or sole entrepreneurs may benefit most from gaining a working community, certainty and security for the future, possibility to participate in bigger projects, help with marketing or sales, visibility, or expert help from Welado. Larger operators, on the other hand, may find new opportunities for cooperation or new joint customerships. We are actively mapping different kinds of ecosystems to participate in.

We will shortly publish a more fine-tuned presentation of the "Welado as a partnering platform" concept. However, if you are interested in cooperation and partnership, you can already be in touch.