Why should you, as our customer, be interested in the fact that our staff satisfaction is top tier?

Haverinen Noora
Haverinen Noora

What is a good eNPS score?

eNPS (or employee Net Promoter Score) indicates how likely members of staff would recommend their employer to a friend. In practice, if the eNPS is positive, it is already a good result. An eNPS of 40 is considered top notch. We at Welado have an eNPS of 55 – which is excellent.

We have also extensively studied the correlation between staff committedness and customer satisfaction, and it is a strong one: the correlation coefficient (r) that depicts the interdependence between factors is measured to be r=43.  What does this mean in practice? When you have a headache, you will likely take a painkiller. And that usually eases the pain, at least it does for me. But staff committedness would help you with customer satisfaction three times better than ibuprofen helps with your headache. In the same vein, the correlation between staff and customer satisfaction has been studied to be over 14 times stronger than the correlation between cytostatic treatments and breast cancer survival.  

Happy employees are 12–15 % more productive than less happy ones 

As a further example, a study from the University of Warwick demonstrated that happy employees were 12 % more productive than less happy ones.  Studies conducted by Glassdoor have also indicated that companies on the Best Places to Work list perform at 115 % when compared to the market average. As a Future Workplaces certified company, we reach that same level. 

How, then, can staff well-being improve productivity? Well, for example: 

  • by reducing employee absences and thus reducing disturbances to project activities 
  • by reducing accidents and mistakes, which the customer will see as a safer and smoother project
  • by improving discourse and promoting teamwork and innovation 
  • by shortening reaction time 
  • by reducing exit turnover, which allows expertise to transfer seamlessly from project to project in a manner that can be built upon

Thanks to these factors, when the end result is produced by a satisfied staff, the customer will see higher project quality. Good team work also manifests as professional, high-quality customer service.

The Welado way means customer quality and productivity based on well-being 

At Welado we have proven the theory discussed above in practice several times over: when we as an employer invest in our employees and be the best for our employees, the customer sees the best service quality and end result in the business.  The thinking behind the Welado way of operating goes pretty much as depicted in the following picture.  

I can't help but summarise this the same way we used to do in maths class back at university: top specialist + best job = excellent staff commitment = better than average customer satisfaction. Q.E.D 😉