About us


A sustainable and committed forerunner. The developer of a safe and functional future living environment.

Welado creates business that is vivid and based on soft values – business that will change the whole construction industry in the benefit of our customers.

The Welado way is the change that the people of our industry want

By focusing on people and investing in our personnell, we ensure that our customers receive the best solutions from the most motivated experts.

Open co-operation with our enthusiastic forerunners creates new innovations for the whole industry.

We truly believe in achieving more together.


  • Bold and open
  • Empathetic
  • The best for its staff

Our Vision

Our sustainable way of conduct and inspiring working atmosphere make us the international quality brand of construction management.

Welado's strategy

Our Strategy


The world looks different as part of Welado.

We support new ideas, efficient operating methods and employees who steadily promote construction management and contribute to redefining the sector.





8,5 M€


Customer references

We have a long co-operation history with the experts of Welado regarding many road and bridge construction management and supervision projects over the years. I can count on the fact that work will proceed as agreed upon in our projects, and we are able to develop procedures and ways of conduct in close co-operation. The latest development feature was implementing Welado's sustainability tools in all our mutual projects in the summer of 2018. Moreover, communication with the specialists of Welado is always easygoing and casual which makes even the longest road trips to worksites pleasant.


Pirkko Ylitalo
Project manager, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Lapland)

The Kokkola–Ylivieska double track is an essential part of the Seinäjoki–Oulu track project, one Finland’s largest ever infrastructure projects. Proxion CC Oy has served as the construction management consultant for the double-track project. We are on track to complete the project below the cost estimate and have also deployed several sections of the double track ahead of schedule. The project has progressed safely and efficiently. Thanks to flexible cooperation, we look to be achieving all of the Finnish Transport Agency’s main objectives.

Tommi Rosenvall
Project director, Finnish Transport Agency

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