City of Kangasala: The Lamminrahka neighbourhood is being built under Welado’s supervision

City of Kangasala: The Lamminrahka neighbourhood is being built under Welado’s supervision

An entirely new neighbourhood is being erected in Kangasala, near the border of Tampere

The Lamminrahka neighbourhood combines great public transportation routes, closeness nature and complete services and infrastructure that the city is building up front. The neighbourhood will have homes for approximately 8 000 residents and a commercial district that offers some 1 000 jobs.

The streets of Lamminrahka’s first town plan have already been completed, and in 2023 the area will receive a day care centre, elementary school, exercise park, market square, regional exercise route and parks, among other amenities. The goal is to have a complete neighbourhood already for the very first residents.

“Lamminrahka is one of the most significant new residential and commercial areas in the Tampere region, and it is the largest investment in the history of Kangasala. As the developer of the region, it is important to us that the supervisory duties are taken care of by competent specialists. Welado’s contribution to the development of the neighbourhood has been significant,” describes Lassi Aho, the project engineer responsible for Kangasala's infrastructure contracting.

Demanding and varied supervision contracts

Three street contracts have already been completed in Lamminrahka where Welado people have served as developer consultants, supervisors and safety coordinators. Welado's regional roadworks manager Miika Salminen was responsible for the construction contracting and supervision of the Rissonkatu project and the construction of park areas, while the same role was played by project engineer Iivo Roponen in the street contracts of Kuurankatu, Taitajankatu and Haltijankaari. All three street contracts also involved water supply and sewerage construction, which was commissioned by the public utility company Kangasalan Vesi. The Kuurankatu-Taitajankatu project also involved building a district heating line for the local electricity company Tampereen Sähkölaitos.

The worksheet for 2023 includes such contracts as the finishing work of the parks and the construction contracting, supervision and safety coordination of the exercise park project. Project engineer Rosa Aartolahti, who is a qualified landscape supervisor, is responsible for supervising the finishing contract of the parks while Iivo Roponen is responsible for the project’s safety coordination. The supervision of the exercise park project is the responsibility of project engineer Markus Toivanen.

Project manager Kimmo Lahti from Welado is responsible for supervising the construction of the yard of Lamminrahka's school complex. The complex will also include a local exercise park complete with an outdoor padel court, large artificial turf pitch, ice hockey rink, outdoor gym, multi-purpose field and running track. For the pitch, a stormwater pipe system was built to delay stormwaters. This work was supervised by project engineer Rosa Aartolahti.

All stormwaters in the Lamminrahka area are treated with modern systems, such as delay pools and various dam solutions. Once the waters have passed through these systems, they end up in Lake Halimasjärvi. Welado's environmental specialist Elina Ahlqvist was consulted in the development of the delay pools during the Rissonkatu project to ensure that the stormwaters end up in the lake as clean as possible.

“The construction contract of Lamminrahka is an extensive whole, and from time to time we have gotten together with the developer consultant to figure out the best way to do things. The consultant was also able to quickly provide in-house environmental expertise when we needed advice concerning stormwaters. In an organisation of this size, the role of purchased services becomes highlighted, and with Welado we have been able to collaboratively solve even the more difficult problems quickly and with high quality,” says Lassi Aho.

Dynamically developing Kangasala

Kangasala is extensively developing the town's infrastructure also near the town centre. In recent years, Welado has been involved in ten or so other projects in the town in addition to those in Lamminrahka. These have included the new stormwater line of the town centre, renovation of Mäkirinteentie street, construction of Niilo Hakolan raitti and the replacement of soil contract on Urheilutie, for example. An ongoing project in the spring of 2023 is the construction of an underpass under Tampereentie next to the public swimming pool. In addition to the Town of Kangasala, public utility companies Kangasalan Vesi and Tampereen Vesi have been customers in some of the street construction projects.

“The neighbourhood being created in Lamminrahka and the adjacent areas of Ojala, Risso and Lemetty will raise the number of residents in the area to 13 000 – 15 000 by the year 2040. Kangasala is a very dynamically developing town, and I believe that our smooth collaboration with Welado will continue in the future as well,” says Lassi Aho.

All residential plots in the first part of Lamminrahka have already been reserved, and the Town of Kangasala has moved on to the second stage in the development of the neighbourhood, namely the design and implementation of the north part. The north part of Lamminrahka will be zoned to contain homes for 4 000 people.

Read more about the Lamminrahka neighbourhood at lamminrahka.fi.

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