Lauri Bois


Electrical engineering has been one of the most attractive fields in Finland in recent decades. I first began my studies in the field in vocational school, and then continued with engineering studies at a university of applied sciences. During my time at the university of applied sciences, me and my wife got the first of our three children, and family quickly became the most important thing in life. I wanted to be part of my children’s everyday lives from the start, and did not want to miss the top moments. Looking back, I understand how flexible my employer has been. Flexible work arrangements have enabled me to follow my children’s growth and development up close, be present at their first days of preschool and school, as well as contribute to the well-being of my family. However, independent work calls for self-discipline and trust. You must adhere to the schedules and the latest skills and knowledge. Since Welado has shown flexibility regarding my work, I have wanted to offer my best input to Welado and our clients.

When writing this, I have worked at Welado for eight years and have witnessed the company growing into an important player in the construction sector. My own duties have varied, and I have been given more and more responsibility over the years. In 2015-2017, I was involved in project work, but also worked in supervisory duties as manager of the electric railway and safety device team. After the organization change, my duties will focus increasingly on projects and on the enhancement of technological competence.

Over the years, I have learned a great deal about this field and have come to increasingly value the experience of people who have worked longer in the field. Our work involves great social responsibility. Project success can be measured in many ways. I believe it is also important that the installers find the project successful. This has a large-scale impact on many families—and on the well-being of future generations. The success and happiness of workers have multiple positive impacts. Construction management is cooperation at its best!