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We have the knowledge, expertise and experience that is required throughout the railway system's entire life cycle


We help you to create the railway of the future

Today the railway industry plays a central role in our society. It constitutes an effective framework for freight and passenger transport between and within our cities. The railway is also a solution to tomorrow's challenges and contributes high capacity, environmentally-friendly and safe transport.

A condition to achieve this is a functional and effective signalling system. As Sweden's leading consultancy within railway signalling systems, we are alone in providing the knowledge, expertise and experience that is required throughout the signalling system's entire life cycle. We also have specialist competence within railway vehicles.

We offer innovative specialists and overall solutions within the life cycle of railway systems; from strategic decisions to appointment of project teams and effective implementation.

We support you throughout the signalling system's entire life cycle

The signalling system's life cycle extends from ideas and basic concepts, via setting requirements, ordering and implementation, right up to what is the system's actual reason for being; operation. There might subsequently be upgrades and lifetime extensions and ultimately decommissioning and replacement by something else. What we offer is help and support for our customers in all of these stages.

STHK offering

Consultancy to complement your expertise

One or a number of our consultants are based in your organisation and contribute expertise, experience and network. Our consultants have different profiles, but what they have in common is long experience and extensive knowledge within signalling systems.

Decision data to support you to make right choices

Perhaps you are a vehicle operator which needs a technical and financial analysis of the consequences of an ETCS installation? Or you need to produce strategies surrounding future signalling systems? Our knowledge of the market enables us to create decision data so that you can make the right choice

Get signaling systems to fuction as it needs to be

An important issue for us is getting signalling systems to function and interact with the surroundings. An example of this is the ETCS system in vehicles, where we assist with setting requirements, procurement, approval, commissioning etc.

View a video in Youtube: STHK- Effective deployment of ERMTS in vechicles

Training packages in signaling to complement your skills

We tailor training packages within signalling according to your needs and wishes. Perhaps you want to boost the organisation's expertise prior to introduction of ERTMS? Or learn more about setting requirements for signalling systems? Get in touch and we can decide how best to increase competence levels.

Driving innovations into the market based on research

It is important to not just fight fires and react to the current situation. We are forward-looking and envision how signalling systems and the industry can develop in the future and we are always open to exciting new industrial collaborative projects. An example of a project in which we have participated is a speedometer for railway vehicles for exact positioning. Another exciting project we have worked on is bringing the industry together to build a management system which contributes to the right conditions for purchasers to lead, control and develop traffic control systems with high quality and increased traffic capacity

STHK solutions:

Railway and ERMTS

ERMTS and Railways

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Management and Signaling Advisory

Management and signaling advisory

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Public transport & Signalling

Public transport & Signalling

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Vehicles & Maintenance

Vehicles & Maintenance

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An effective deployment of ERMTS in vehicles

View video in Youtube: STHK - Effective deployment of ERTMS in vehicles