Projektien turvallisuus

Project safety

We perform customized and systematic risk management in projects using various methods. Our methods make safety considerations interesting and highlight the benefits of safety management.

We work together, taking everyone into consideration: Project safety is of utmost importance to us at all organizational levels. Safety is more than just handling your responsibilities; it also involves working together and learning from one another.

A pioneer in safety

As regards safety, we aim to create infrastructure projects that satisfy the expectations of all parties. We support our clients’ objectives, schedules and budget.

We proactively promote safety by offering assistance and methods for the development of work site safety, representing the customer and performing practical risk management.

This proactive approach helps us reduce safety violations, damage, waste and delays. We aim to create new, safe collaboration approaches in the sector. Safety first!

We emphasize the role that the human factor and safety culture play in different companies and client operations. Our goal is to help parties develop their own safety management systems as well as support their internal investigation and root cause analyses of deviations.

We want to create new ways to investigate and develop safety as well as to identify suitable indicators and monitoring methods in order to prevent the reoccurrence of deviations.

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