Public transport & Signaling

For effective track-bound public transport with high availability, capacity and safety


For effective track-bound public transport with high availability, capacity and safety

Signalling systems for track-bound public transport place very high requirements on availability, capacity and safety. The traffic systems often have close stations, several changing points, large passenger flows and frequent departures. It is common that the tracks are free-standing and a large number of different variants of signalling systems and vehicle types are used. Driverless solutions are also making progress.


We contribute knowledge and experience surrounding the different signalling systems on the ground and in vehicles. We can compose effective project teams to help with signalling strategies, procurement, implementation and administration throughout the signalling system's life cycle:

  • Strategy
    • We draw up strategies and conduct feasibility studies in order to guide your future signalling initiative, whether it concerns vehicle- or ground system such as CBTC or driverless systems (ATO/UTO).
  • Procurement
    • We help to formulate which requirements need to be placed on vehicle and ground system to achieve maximum capacity and satisfactory safety.
  • Implementation
    • Project management and project teams for implementation of signalling projects.
  • Commissioning
    • We ensure that testing and commissioning take place as smoothly as possible in ground and vehicle. We have substantial experience of introducing new signalling systems in pre-existing systems without stoppages or disruptions, often called brownfield projects.
  • Approval
    • The approval process can be a rather complicated affair. We have vast experience of this process and are happy to assist.
  • Administration and maintenance
    • Once the system is in place, hardware and software need to be administered, maintained and sometimes rectified. Here too, we offer both services and product support.


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